What is Medical Marijuana Waste?
According to Oklahoma Statue, Tile §63-428.1.7, Medical marijuana waste shall mean unused, surplus, returned or out-of-date marijuana and plant debris of the plant of the genus cannabis, including dead plants and all unused plant parts, except the term shall not include roots, stems, stalks, and fan leaves.

OAC 310:681-5-10 (a) All medical marijuana plant material and waste generated during the cultivation, production, processing, handling, and testing of medical marijuana and medical marijuana products must be stored, managed, and disposed of in accordance with these Rules, SB882 The Oklahoma Medical Waste Management Act, 63 O.S. §427a et seq., and any other applicable Oklahoma Statues and rules.

What waste can a Commercial Licensee get rid of themselves?
SB882 stated unless restricted by local ordinance, commercial licensees, medical marijuana research facilities and medical marijuana education facilities shall be authorized to destroy root balls, stems, fan leaves, and seeds on-site by open burning, incineration, burying, mulching, composting or any other technique approved by the Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).
What documents are needed if Commercial Licensee decided to engaged in the disposal of marijuana waste themselves?
Commercial licensees, medical marijuana research facilities and medical marijuana education facilities engaged in the disposal of medical marijuana waste shall create and maintain documentation on a form prescribed by the Oklahoma Marijuana Authority that includes precise weights or counts of medical marijuana waste and the manner in which the medical marijuana waste is disposed. Such documentation shall contain a witness affidavit and signature attesting to the lawful disposal of the medical marijuana waste under penalty of perjury. All disposal records shall be maintained by commercial licensees, medical marijuana research facilities and medical marijuana educational facilities for a period of five (5) years and shall be subject to inspection and auditing by the Authority.
Do I need Waste Management Plan?
Yes. Any commercial licensee, grower, processor, and dispensary need to have a waste management plan. Sooner Medical Waste provides our customers with waste disposal plan.
Do ancillary tools for manufacturing: wax papers, gloves, lab utensils, rockwool, etc., that have cannabis residue need to be properly disposed of?
Sooner Medical Waste recommends that commercial licensees treat and dispose of these wastes as medical marijuana waste.
Does Medical Marijuana Waste need to be Tracked and Traced?
Yes, all waste needs to be tracked and traced. Sooner Medical Waste provide our customers with an electronic manifest (email) as soon as we pick up your waste and you will receive another email once the waste has been properly treated and disposed of. Licensee has the ability to retrieve any documents through our website 24/7.
Can any licensed transporter transport Medical Marijuana Waste?

No. SB882 Section 4-A: A person or entity in possession of a medical marijuana waste disposal license shall be entitled to possess, transport, and dispose of medical marijuana waste.

No person or entity shall possess, transport or dispose of medical marijuana waste without a valid medical marijuana waste disposal license.

Will signing up with Sooner Medical Waste help me be compliant with Oklahoma’s Medical Marijuana Waste Regulations?
Yes, Sooner Medical Waste is a licensed Medical Marijuana Disposal Company with Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority and Department of Environmental Quality and can help any licensee who already conducts activities, or plan to obtain a license be compliant with Oklahoma’s State regulations as it pertains to proper waste management.
What are the benefits of signing up with Sooner Medical Waste?
Sooner Medical Waste is a Medical Marijuana Waste Disposal Company that is devoted to the success of our customer’s business by assisting each individual licensee to stay in compliance with OMMA and DEQ rules and regulations. By using our service, licensee can concentrate on what he/she does best in producing Medical Marijuana products and not having to worry about the liabilities of their waste.