Sooner Medical Waste Management has been approved by Oklahoma Medical Marijuana Authority, OMMA Lic.# WAAA-4YCA-4VEU, to possess, transport, and dispose of medical marijuana waste from all commercial licensees.

SB882 Section 4-A. No person or entity shall possess, transport or dispose of medical marijuana waste without a valid medical marijuana waste disposal license. This means no licensed transporter, other than the waste disposal company transporter, can legally transport your medical marijuana waste.

Also under SB882, a medical marijuana grower, only the grower, can dispose of four types of waste on their business premises without hiring a disposal company. The four types of waste are: root balls, stems, fan leaves, and seeds. If the grower has an issue with bud rot and sick flowering plants, Oklahoma law requires the grower to contact a licensed disposal company to pick up the waste. If the grower is in city limits, please check with you local ordinance on how to properly dispose of medical marijuana waste.

We know that you have choices when it comes to management of your medical marijuana waste. We would like to be your partner in providing medical marijuana waste disposal services for your business, please fill out your information on “Medical Marijuana Waste Application” and one of our customer service representatives will contact you or you can simply give us a call at 918-336-7000.

NOTE: A licensee shall not dispose of medical cannabis and medical cannabis-infused product waste in an unsecured waste receptacle. Medical marijuana waste should be kept in a secure receptacle and in a designated waste location on licensed premises until it can be collected.